Lose your phone? This site can help.

Maybe you were drunk and decided it would be a great idea to hide your phone in the laundry hamper. Maybe you just didn’t see it slip between the couch cushions. Either way, you’ve gotta go somewhere now, and you’ve got no idea where your phone is. You’ve already asked your significant other to call your misplaced phone twice this week, and doing it again might make you seem downright irresponsible. How are you going to take care of a baby when you can’t even take care of an iPhone? WHAT IF YOU LET THE BABY SLIP BETWEEN THE COUCH CUSHIONS? WHAT THEN, GREG?

Fret not. There’s a new site on the interwebs, intended solely to give your misplaced phone a ring.

The aptly named I can’t find my phone is a perfect first strike for all those times when you.. erm, can’t find your phone. Enter your number, hit the “Hello?” button, and then run around the house in hopes of hearing even that faint, under-a-pile-of-clothes ring before it cuts over to voicemail.

Phone on silent? Battery dead? Good luck!

[Via ThatOneLegoBlog Gizmodo]