Nintendo: "Yeah, we've sold a whole lot of Wii Remotes. Just saying."

This is just “Look At Me!” type news, but put in context, it’s rather impressive that Nintendo sold at least 63,500,000 Nintendo Wii Remotes since the Wii’s 2006 launch — just in the US too. This is so many, in fact, that if that number represented citizens of a country, it would be the 22nd most populated country on Earth, falling in between France and the United Kingdom. Or, in other words, there is one Wii Remote in America for every five citizens. Yeah, it’s a lot and gets even more impressive.

That works out to be 46,000 everyday, 31 every minute, and 1 every other second. *Boom* there’s one *Boom* there’s another.

The sales break down like this,

  • 30.41 million included with the Wii hardware
  • 12.92 million sold with Wii Play
  • 18.56 million white versions sold separately
  • 2.44 million black versions sold separately
  • 467,500 pink versions sold separately
  • 465,200 blue versions sold separately

This number will likely only increase seeing how Nintendo finally managed to work Wii Motion Plus into the controller itself, which will likely cause existing owners to buy another round — that is if they’re still using the four-year old system.