Spotify sees a future with HP's Palm, launches on webOS

Say what you will about Spotify‘s delayed US launch or whether its freemium model is ultimately flawed, but when it comes to rolling out mobile clients, the music streaming service can’t be bettered. While other companies set the bar at an iPhone app (and possibly Android), Spotify, with its European roots, has already gone where many dare not, developing a fully-fledged client for Nokia’s Symbian, along with iPhone, Android and Windows Phone.

Today, the company has announced a version for Palm’s webOS, a niche platform if there ever was one. Although with HP’s acquisition of Palm, that will hopefully change. It’s also a particularly US-centric brand, so that could be telling in itself. On that note, it’s curious that RIM’s BlackBerry is still missing in action. Any theories on why? Jump in on the comments.

As with all of Spotify’s mobile apps, users will need a premium subscription to use the service on the go. The app itself can be downloaded from the webOS app store and provides the following functionality:

* Search, browse & play millions of tracks
* Offline playlists – listen to music with no mobile connection
* Wirelessly sync your local files to your phone
* View your friends’ top lists and see what playlists they’ve created
* Send & receive music from friends via the inbox
* Share music via Facebook, email and messaging
* Create, sync and edit playlists
* LastFM scrobbling