Android Market hits six figures: 100,000 apps available

It seemed like it was only yesterday that I was handing the Android Market its lunchbox and sending it off to school with a kiss on the cheek, and look at it now! 100,000 apps! It’s all growed up!

Estimations of the number of apps seen in the Android Market have often been just that: estimations, but when the Android Dev team tweet out a number, it’s a number that means something.

And today’s number is a notable one: 100,000. This is the last time the number will gain an extra zero for some time, so you should celebrate appropriately.

Of course, due to restrictions in Android version, screen resolution, localisation, and phone, no one person/handset will have access to all 100,000 apps, but this number isn’t at all about consumer choice, it’s about showing off developer support for a platform.

Sure, it’s a third of what Apple’s App Store boasts, but it’s a formidable number, and it shows that the store is growing quickly (that’s 10,000 a month in the last three months). Go Android!