Flashpoint iBoard Is A Value-Add Bluetooth Keyboard For iOS

Is Apple’s vanilla Bluetooth keyboard too minimal for your taste? Maybe this blinged-out one is more your speed. It comes with a bunch of stickers for assigning app shortcuts to this or that key — you know, in case you didn’t want to extend your finger to launch that app.

It also comes with a raincoat — a full-keyboard silicone cover that is, depending on whether you go with the press release or the product description, either a $29.99 or $49.90 value. There’s an app that makes it all work, too, which is provided free but which they value at $9.90. That’s a lot of extra made-up value for $69.99!

Adorama has the exclusive on these things, so head on over if you feel like typing stuff on your iPad Bluetoothily.