Live At The Barnes & Noble Nook Event

We’re live and set up at the Barnes & Noble Nook event in New York. I’ll be updating this page in lieu of using our standard liveblogging software, mostly because it will be only one device this time – probably an LCD color Nook. Keep this page refreshed.

3:55 – Things are slowly kicking off. Techno music is blaring.
4:00 – More music.
4:05 – More music.
4:06 – Starting. Voiceover: Imagine – everything you love about reading. There are actually dancers here. They are dancing. It is a color, LCD Nook.
The device plays video and runs Android. It has no physical buttons but allows you to download books, magazines, and children’s books along with video content.
4:11 – Imagine the future of reading. Nook Color by Barnes & Noble. 7-inch color touch display. Social reading with Facebook and Twitter. All the content you love, anywhere you like. Nook Color is the Ultimate reading experience. William Lynch is presenting.
4:13 – This product was conceived for people who love to read everything. For customers who “snack on content.” Nook color is the ideal device for millions of voracious readers.
Nook Color offers Web Browsing, Streaming Music, Games. All this is ancillary to reading. Half-inch thick, less than a pound. Built with Yves Behar.
Hundreds of children’s books available with Nook Kids.

Nook Friends. Seamless connections to Twitter and Facebook. Authors can actually comment on comments posted inside the book.

4:19 – Tech Specs:
16 million colors on the 7-inch screen. Laminated screen minimizes glare. Full color reading experience. New content appears along the bottom of the screen (“The Daily Shelf”) You can read, lend, view details, and share. You can change the background of the home screen with your own photos.

Includes MicroSD slot and WiFi. You can change text, margins, and spacing in the books. Everything is changeable. You can look up words in Wikipedia, the dictionary, or on Google.

Patent Penting “Aricle View” in Magazines. You tap an article in the layout and it appears properly formated for the screen.

4:26 – Nook developer program. Content providers and developers can create “reading-centric” applications for Nook Color. Partners include LonelyPlanet,, etc.

4:27 – Nook owners will get a software enhancement including faster page turns. Nook has sold over 1 million units. Information on sales data. Nothing new – lots of info about Nook boutiques.

4:30 – Nooks available at Best Buy and Wal-Mart as well as at Books-a-Million.

4:30 – Price is $249. Product will ship around November 19. You can pre-order now on Nook color in stock in late November.
Event is over.