Razer Anansi MMO Keyboard Makes Your Thumb A Lethal Weapon

Hot on the heels of their first mechanical-key keyboard, the Black Widow, Razer has announced an MMO-orientated model they call the Anansi, named after the spider god of many tricks. That seems appropriate given its intended use: quick access to a huge amount of macros.

I’ve never been an MMO guy, but I’ve seen enough of them (even in streamlined games like Guild Wars) to know that you tend to have a lot of commands at your fingertips, and sometimes you don’t have the time to switch to your second skill set or take your finger off backpedal to hit the 7 key. Razer has put seven meta-modifier keys below the space bar, which can be set to any combination of shift, control, and alt. I’d be afraid I’d accidentally hit some obscure universal self-destruct command, but you probably have a little more confidence.

Like many other gaming keyboards, it also has some macro keys to the left of the full keyboard section, which can, like any other key, be set to any keystroke or key sequence. Looks like a pretty solid keyboard to me; I never use my thumb in games for anything but hitting the space bar, so this might make the little guy a bit more useful.