Stand By To Configure Chevy Volt

The time has come to fiddle around with all the options for your new Chevy Volt. Assuming you’ve got a spare $42K laying around. Yes, it’s not exactly the most affordable vehicle, nor is it, strictly speaking, an electric vehicle, but it is a practical, good-looking, and high-tech car, which is perhaps better. At any rate, the official configurator is now live, and you can add and subtract trim as you please.

Personally, I’d go with the rear view camera (sadly not standard), but skip the luxury options and polished aluminum. This car is striking enough without the bling, and heated seats always strike me as kind of decadent. You can always get aftermarket rims; there will probably be weirdo body kits too. Can’t wait to see a wing on one of these.

Actually, as I went to post this, it now appears that the site has crashed (I’m getting a 403 from the redirect). Better wait a few minutes.