Universal Gripper: Sounds Like It Grips The Universe, But It's Just A Cool Robotic Hand

Talk about a misleading title in that video. It reminded me of the obscure comic series (Avengers Infinity) in which they fight a dude as big as a planet, and then a bunch of other dudes the same size come and grow together to form a huge handle the size of a solar system, and then a giant hand comes out of nowhere in order to drag the entire galaxy into a line with some others. So awesome.

In contrast, this is just a bag of coffee grounds being manipulated by a vacuum nozzle, but it’s still pretty cool.

Wired has a more in-depth appreciation of the ideas behind this method of gripping things, which sounds prosaic but is remarkably effective. The five-finger approach is useful when robots and mere men have to use the same equipment; in which case, something like a Robonaut is in order.