Acer Launching Multiple Tablets At A Nov. 23rd NYC Event

Acer is locked and loaded for a total assault on the tablet market. The company’s CEO told the WSJ that it has a whole series of tablets ready for a NYC launch event on November 23rd. Said tablets are supposed to be sold between $299 and $699. And that’s where the fun facts stop. Mr. Gianfranco Lanci didn’t mention how many tablets were coming or when they would be available. Nope, just the announcement date and price made the report.

It seems only right that Acer will have multiple products aimed at different demographics. It could be the low-end models are smaller, maybe a 5-inch tablet like the Dell Streak, while the more expensive options will take on the larger iPad. Whatever the case, the event is less than a month away so you may wanna hold off buying that Samsung Galaxy Tab. Acer might have a better option.