Foxconn Said To Be Making Next Gen WebOS Devices

Industry sources at Foxconn Technology and Compal Communications are stating that they are currently manufacturing multiple WebOS devices including the so-called PalmPad.

Accordingly, Palm`s new smartphones manufactured by Foxconn and Compal Communications will all adopt the brand`s Linux-based mobile operating system, WebOS, which will more or less allow the two suppliers to gain manufacturing familiarity with Palm`s Pre Plus and Pixi Plus phones.

In related news, it’s cute to watch how the guys at PreCentral treat the information that this will be a Palm branded phone rather than an HP one with relief (“It’s a comforting notion that these would be Palm handsets (or tablets (or toasters) and not HP branded, calming our fears of the Palm brand fading away anytime soon.”) They’re like the kids in Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome waiting for Walker to come back.

via CENS via Precentral