Kobo Adds Newspaper, Magazine Subscriptions

Want an alternative to the Amazon Kindle/Barnes & Noble Nook e-reader duopoly? Kobo is always a choice, and now there’s word that you can newspapers and magazines on there, “there” being the Kobo Wireless eReader device as well as the iOS Apps.

Many of the big publications have made the cut, including the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Foreign Affairs, the Harvard Business Review, and PC Magazine.

The full list is available on the Kobo Web site.

Kobo says that it will continue to add newspapers and magazines as the days go by.

The newspapers and magazines will be available on a subscription basis. Newspapers will run you $13.99 per month, and magazines will be $2.99 per month. All subscriptions are delivered automatically to the Kobo device as soon as they’re published.