LimeWire Ordered To Shut Down

LimeWire, we hardly knew ye. A New York court has ordered the company to turn off the software’s ability to search, upload, and download, which pretty much means that it’s dead. I guess this would have affected me greatly, I don’t know, in the year 2001, but now? Not so much.

LimeWire has been fighting the RIAA in court for years now, and this latest ruling effectively puts an end to LimeWire as you know it, or knew it.

LimeWire is said to be developing a new application that will be in full compliance of all copyright laws.

It should be noted that all LimeWire did was tie into the Gnutella (and BitTorrent) peer-to-peer network. Gnutella is still up and running, and there’s plenty of ways to connect to it. FrostWire is one of the more popular applications, I think.

So yeah: LimeWire as you knew it is dead, but the actual network that powered it, Gnutella, is doing just fine.

I will say this: I was always shocked in school to see people still using LimeWire, and this was only two years ago. I still see people using it when in the company of people who aren’t as tech savvy as we are. In fact, I’d be shocked if this shuttering of LimeWire doesn’t kill a lot of the casual copyright infringement that the RIAA hates so very much.