Lomography Sprocket Rocket Is A Compact Retro-Cam

Lomography’s latest camera is a bite-sized guy (5″ across) with a panoramic lens and, of course, manual film advance. It’s called the Sprocket Rocket, and it’s about as simple as cameras get these days. The lens is extra-wide-angle to capture extra-full-bleed on the film (i.e. you can print the sprocket holes and numbering), and there are two knobs, for forward and backward film scrolling.

The result is the usual ridiculous Lomo-style pictures with their weird focus and crazy colors. If you’ve used a Lomo before, you know what you’re getting into. It’s too bad there’s no flash attachment, this would be a great little camera to take on a night out. My mistake! There’s a hot shoe, not sure how I missed that. Its exposure options are limited to 1/100th and bulb, and the aperture numbers are too sad to even relate, but they should be suitable for outdoor photography.

<a href="http://sites.lomography.com/sprocket-rocket/“>The Sprocket Rocket is on sale now at Lomography for $89.