Monocle now offering limited edition BlackBerry Bold 9700… for £750

Ok, now I know that BlackBerries are popular with those “corporate” types with their “business trips” and their “incomes”, but this limited edition £750 BlackBerry Bold 9700 just seems a little …overpriced.

What do you get for £750? Gold accents? Nope. Leather trimming? Nope. A concierge service? Not that, either.

How about some custom wallpapers, pre-loaded Monocle travel guides, a 16GB MicroSD card, and a “special strap”.

I’m in the mood for itemisation right now, so let’s play a round of “What’s Worth What?!”

Clove are selling the BlackBerry Bold 9700 for £295 — with an included charging pod. £750 – £295 = £455.

The MicroSD card is worth £34 (again, from Clove), and maybe the guides are worth £200 (I’m being generous, here), leaving us with £221 for a strap and some wallpapers. That’s just £70 shy of a second Bold 9700.

Hmmm…. wallpapers or a second phone (or something else entirely).

I get that an item with a high price creates a from of faux exclusivity, but I thought the corporate types that this is aimed at (the product page states that the travel guides are for “the best business cities and resorts in the world”) were the kind of people that understand cost benefit analyses, and — in my eyes — this proposition fails that test.

If you’re interested, or just curious, there are a few more shots over at the product page> You can also place an order there, if you’re that way inclined.