Sprint to kill off their iDEN network… eventually

If you’re still rockin’ a phone on Sprint’s iDEN network, it’s time to start thinking about other ways to fill your push-to-talk needs. According to Sprint’s main man, Dan Hesse, Sprint’s iDEN network is on the way to ol’ Technology Museum in the Sky. And by that, I mean they’re going to take it to a farm, where it can run and play with all the other old cellular networks.

And by that, I mean they’re going to kill it.

The word from Hesse comes from an interview with FierceWireless. The gist of things: most of Sprint’s customers are finding their way over to the 3G CDMA network, and Sprint has been tapering their efforts when it comes to selling people on the idea of iDEN. As the number of iDEN subscribers dances toward zero, it makes less and less sense for Sprint to reserve a big ol’ chunk of their frequency for the aging technology.

Hesse’s not saying when the iDEN network is gonna get flipped off, so it doesn’t seem like it’ll happen, say, tomorrow. If you and your company’s entire fleet are still toting iDEN handsets, you probably have some time to consider the next step.