These Man-Sized Angry Birds Just Might Be The Geekiest Costumes Of 2010

When can you really declare your game a smash hit? When it cracks through 10 million downloads? Eh. When you’ve got a full line of plush toys coming based on its characters? Sure, I guess that’s alright. But here’s the real challenge: dig your game deep enough into the hearts and minds of your fans that you’ve got people dressing up like the characters for Halloween.

With that in mind: Congratulations, Angry Birds. You’ve (sling)shot your way into a VIP area generally reserved for the likes of Master Chief, Mario, Samus, and other gaming legends. That’s right: you’ve got cosplayers.

Brought to you by a pair of lovely (albeit unnamed) gents from TheClockBlog (which, surprisingly, seems to have nothing to do with clocks), the costumes are about as accurate as costumes modeled after pig-hating, oddly-shaped cartoon birds can be. As you can see in the shot above, they’ve already managed to crank out the standard Red Bird, along with a simply dashing (Hah!) version of the Yellow Bird.

Doesn’t look like they’re stopping there, though. Next up on their list: Blue Bird and Black Bird. While it’d be awesome if they could figure out a way for the Blue Bird costume to somehow turn into three smaller, but equally powerful Blue Bird costumes when touched, I only hope they don’t extend the same level of game-to-life realism to the Black Bird. Exploding Halloween costumes are no good for anyone.

I’ve already come to the realization that I will never be as cool as these guys. I’ve come to terms with that fact, and I’m okay with it. I’m just glad they’re out there.

Update: More Angry Birds costumes — and this time, there’s a King Pig appearance! With some 60 man hours of labor put in, here’s reader cb’s Angry Birds getup:

Update #2: The Angry Birds costume train just don’t stop. Here’s wendykind‘s kiddles — what they lack in size, they make up for in being friggin’ adorable: