To Infinity And Beyond With Scott Tubeless Toilet Paper

Sure we still have wars and cancer and cold sores. Sure we can’t solve the crisis in the Mid-East and many Americans live achingly close to the poverty line. Sure we can’t blot out racism, homophobia, and irrational traditions. But we can make tubeless toilet paper and dammit, it’s a start.

Scott Towel just announced that tubeless toilet paper will be available at a toilet paper outlet near you. The best part? If the world decides it can live without the tube in toilet paper, Kimberly-Clark may move the technology to paper towels.

So go ahead and hate your neighbor and go ahead and cheat a friend because by gar if we haven’t lived up to our human potential with this new invention. My only concern? What will I use to make wild trumpet noises for my kids, an act that I usually performed with a paper towel roll?

via USAToday