Angry Birds Plush Toys go up for pre-order, will ship in December

Got Angry Birds Fever (I guess calling it “Angry Bird Flu” might be a bad idea), but can’t muster up the energy to build a man-sized Angry Birds costume? Want something a bit more portable? Don’t fret.

We’ve known for a while now that Rovio Mobile was working on a line of plush toys based on their ever-frustrated Birds. Hell, we’ve seen the things a bunch of times. Unfortunately, the company has stayed pretty much mum on the matter of pricing and availability, leaving would-be buyers in the dark with Christmas fast approaching.

A tipster has just come forward with some details on the launch. According to them, Rovio has plans to make their official unveiling tomorrow.. but that hasn’t stopped at least one toy store from putting it up early.

The store in question, ToyWiz, claims that the 8″ plush birds will be shipping in December. Furthermore, they’ve gone ahead and pinned a price on’em: $14.99 each. With five different birds available (Red, Blue, Black, Yellow, and White), that brings the price for the full set up to about $75 bucks before tax and shipping. These are the same exact birds that got leaked to us last week. With that leak, a few folks noted the absence of the boomerang Green bird and the oafish Big Brother Red; unfortunately, it looks like they won’t be making an appearance in this series.

What do you think? Gonna pick up a flock of your own?

(Go-go-gadget-Tangent! According to one Twitterer who received an early set from Rovio, these things make all the same “Wheeeeee!” noises as the in-game birds when you fling’em around the room. Robert Scoble hates that “Wheeee!” noise. If Scoble ever refuses to cover your startup, consider following him around with a bag full of Birds until he cracks.)