Meet AutoBot: Your Car’s Dashboard On Your iPhone

Did you know there is a Viper remote starter out right now that can be controlled with an iPhone for $500? That seems kinda pricey and dull on extra features. What if you wanted even more control of your car, right on your iPhone’s wonderful interface? Meet AutoBot, the answer to your call.

AutoBot connects to the OBD-II connector in your car and sends out diagnostics. You can find out, right from your phone, whether tire pressure is low or when you need an oil change. If you’re in an accident, AutoBot can notify friends and family members—a certain heart attack causing SMS.

Parents will love the feature where they can spy on their kids, and get updates when they leave certain areas. And for jealous spouses, if their car has an AutoBot installed, they can find their car—assuming they’re “friended” in the AutoBot social network.

It costs just $300, and service will be supported through ads—the type of ads that send you coupons when you need an oil change. It’s pretty neat and would be impressive to friends. Just can’t wait until it can control the can in the same manner as James Bond’s 740iL in Tomorrow Never Dies.

Look for it in 2012.