Asus Ready To Flood The Tablet Market

Asus seems to be taking the exact opposite of Apple’s tablet strategy. Instead of throwing everything behind one model like the iPad, Asus is developing multiple tablets in the 7-, 9-, 10-, and 12-inch form factor. The 12-inch is said to run an enhanced version of Windows, co-developed by Asus and Microsoft, while some of the smaller models will likely be Android and Tegra 2 powered. Confused yet? Yeah, just wait until these thing drop alongside dozens of other tablets at CES 2011.

Asus sees this market as the next “major battlefield” and so, transfered 200 technicians from its handheld department to the assist with the development. They might be a bit late to the party, but don’t count Asus out. The company is one of the largest PC manufacturers in the world, and can likely have a major impact on the tablet wars even if their models are iPad clones.