Sony Logs Profit In Q2 2010, But Sees PSP Sales Dropping 50% Year-On-Year

Sony has presented [PDF] its newest financial report today. Let’s begin with the bad news: for video games, big S’ numbers aren’t pretty, meaning Nintendo isn’t the only Japanese console maker that has been hurting lately. The PS3 is doing OK: during the July-September quarter, the console was sold a solid 3.5 million times, up from 3.2 million units shipped in the same time frame last year.

The problem are the PSP sales, which dropped a whopping 50% to 1.5 million units year-on-year (what’s interesting is that the PS2 was sold as many times, even though the system is significantly older). The good news is that PSP software sales weren’t that bad, dropping from 13 million units in Q2 2009 to 11 million units this year. Still, the PSP2 or that PS Phone can’t come soon enough for Sony Computer Entertainment.

Sony as a whole has logged a handsome $385 million group net profit for the July-September quarter, after reporting a $326 million loss last year. The company now expects to see $867 million in profit for fiscal 2010 while having lost $503 million last fiscal.