CFast, The Successor To CompactFlash, Begins To Trickle Out

CompactFlash, on the way out? Transcend has begun selling storage cards based on the standard that’s designed to supplant the age old CompactFlash. It’s called CFast, and it’s quite a bit faster than its predecessor, as you might expect.

CFast is rated at speeds of 375MB/s. This, compared to the 90MB/s you can expect with the best CompactFlash cards out there.

There’s no prices for these new CFast cards, and Transcends says they’re more for industrial applications, not for filling up with wedding photos or whatever. They’ll initially come out in 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, and 16GB sizes.

Keep in mind that the SD Card Association has the blueprints for cards up to 2TB, so size isn’t really a concern these days. It’s more price per gigabyte, and how fast you can access the data.