Marshall Releases Teaser Image Of Its Upcoming Earphones, The Minor

Marshall, a name synonymous with the rockers of old, released a teaser pic a few weeks back of their upcoming ear cans. Well, it seems they also have a set of earbuds coming out in the near future called The Minor. Apparently where The Major — the over-the-ear option — replicates the look of a Marshall amp, the Minor look to the Marshall dials for design inspiration. Of course pricing isn’t known, but the whole line is set to launch on November 15th so that little bit of info should drop then as well.

Press Release

The Minor is an advanced and hard working earphone model. Perfectly mimicking a tele plug and the classic knobs of Marshall Amplifiers, The Minor is subtle yet a true eye catcher. In addition to its good looks the Minor incorporates quite a few exciting features.

The unique EarClick patent is an ingenious and discrete way to secure the position of the headphones in your ear. Whether you are head banging or slam dancing, EarClick, together with a cable clip and anti-tangle fabric cord, will keep The Minor securely in place. Combined with excellent audio quality, size-pads to fit all ears and a microphone and remote control for mobile phones and music players, The Minor is in it for the long haul.

Marshall Headphones is set to launch on the 15th of November worldwide.