Newegg Gets In On The Early Black Friday Sales With Black November

Just like how Amazon (and it was also brought to my attention, has started offering Black Friday sales early, so, too, has Newegg. The site began its Black November promotion today, and while there doesn’t appear to be anything too crazy right now, it’s literally Day One of the sale. I, for one, am waiting for a Blu-ray drive to put into my PC. Not that I need one, but I’ve been adding components piecemeal for several months now, and it’s the next logical upgrade.

Black November consists of a few things. There’s the normal deals that Newegg runs (you really ought to subscribe to their newsletter to get the e-mail updates), and then there’s going to be a daily discount for certain items.

Today’s there 10 percent off video games, 15 percent off relevant accessories, and 10 percent of AMD and Intel motherboards.