Rumour: Sprint taking pre-orders for CDMA WinPho HTC 7 Pro from Dec 8

If you’ve been keen for the QWERTY goodness of the HTC 7 Pro since Greg’s quick hands-on in early October, then you should listen closely to this latest tasty rumour: according to MS Nerd, Sprint will begin taking pre-orders for the handset come December 8th.

WP Central point out that this is exactly 30 days after AT&T and T-mobile start selling their stock, which alludes to some sort of 30-day exclusivity agreement with Microsoft.

Now before you wet yourself, let me remind you that this thing is still pegged for a 2011 release, so don’t expect this baby to be waiting for you in your stocking come the 25th, however, this does line up with Engadget’s spotting of a production-quality WP7 CDMA handset at the FCC last week.

Only time (or a big-mouthed Sprint employee) will reveal a final price and release date.

Until then, happy conjecture.

[via WM Power User]