The 5-inch Dell Streak's TV Commercial Leaves Out Something Big

The Dell Streak is clever device, but with its 5-inch screen, a touch on the large size for a phone and a touch on the small size for tablet. Still, a good amount swear by it saying it’s the best of both — like this commercial. It cleverly shows all the usefulness that comes with the larger screen like games, navigation, Facebook, video capture — really everything — but in true marketing fashion, does so without showing the downside transporting the large device.

Not that you can blame them, though. It’s the job of marketing to point out all the pros while minimizing the cons. Still, a 5-inch slate might seem like a great product until you try to put it in your pant’s pocket. Or in the cup holder of your car. Or in a shirt pocket. Or on your hip in a holster. Yeah, the Streak is a clever device, but it’s also a big device. Your call whether it’s a pro or a con. The commercial after the break will try to sway you to the former though.