The Dusk Tiger From Gibson All But Plays Itself

KARANG! We who are about to spend $4,150 on a guitar salute you! The Dusk Tiger from Gibson is a sexy piece of kit that includes next-gen tuning technology that allows you to almost instantly retune your guitar in any configuration while controlling the sound and modeling right from the knob bank.

The bridge actually senses the tension and tuning of the string while the internal electronics manage the sound. You can even swap out the “brain” when it becomes obsolete.

In addition to the MCK II’s top mounted display, LED-lit symbols now adorn its outer edge, which blend with the color of the knob so that they’re only visible when lit. The Dusk Tiger’s new MCK II also controls the ability to access preset tone settings, allowing you the ability to adjust tone and tunings automatically and simultaneously, even several times during the same song.

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