Totally Not Mobile: The (Probably Fake) iOS Table

What happens when you take a monstrous 58″ capacitive touchscreen, convert it into a table, and then pipe all the visuals and touch data back and forth between the table and a jailbroken iPhone? Magic. Absolute friggin’ magic.

Sure, it’s the total opposite of mobile — but it’s also the total opposite of not awesome. It might also be the total opposite of real.

The fact that these guys are actively blogging their efforts lends some credence to the idea that it’s all real, but we’ve seen crazier things faked on the Interwebs. It certainly wouldn’t be the first time some crafty FX guy tried to pull one over on the Internet masses for the sake of adding a bulletpoint to his resume.

But man oh man, I sure do hope it’s real.

Update: The more we look at this, the less legit it seems. I’m not normally one to call fake on things, but this one has our collective Spideysense a-tinglin’. At 0:14, why does he so sneakily sleep the display with his back finger? Why do some of the pinch/zoom effects seem to start and end a biiiit too early? Also, where the hell did two guys get a 58″ capacitive touchscreen that was so slim and bezel-free?

[Via DailyMobile]