Professional Analysts Say Sony Move & Microsoft Kinect Will Do Just Fine (At Least Initially)

The Sony Move has already been released, and the Microsoft Kinect comes out tonight at midnight. You might say they’re both approximately four years late to the casual-motion-control party, but whatever: they’re coming. You can’t stop it. But what you can do is analyze it all! What could be more fun?

Apparently nothing, if your name is VGChartz. They’ve collected some of the better known video game industry analysts to ask them how these new motion controllers will do.

To sum it up: both platforms will do fine, particularly now that Microsoft has committed to a gigantic marketing push.

Beyond the initial sales, though, it comes down to whether or not the software is there. I’m more familiar with the Move library, if only because I’ve played more of their games at various events in New York, and some of the software isn’t bad at all. Namco’s Time Crisis, for example, played quite well with the Move controller.

But if there’s no software beyond a few games here and there, why would you buy the new platforms?

And if someone bought the Wii years ago because they wanted to play Wii Bowling with their grandchildren, why would they then spend another $$$ to replicate that experience?

In other words, nobody expects the Move or Kinect to flop, but their long-term viability is somewhat up in the air.