Video: The So-Called Greatest Wrestler Of All Time, Hulk Hogan, Plays Def Jam Rapstar

I’m only posting this video here to dispute the opening line, that Hulk Hogan is the greatest wrestler of all time. Come on, really? I may have been born at night but not last night.

Let’s go through the names of people who are, or were, better than Hulk Hogan.

• Ric Flair (times a million)

• Mitsuharu Misawa

• Toshiaki Kawada

• Bret Hart

• Shawn Michaels

That’s a fair list of five people who were, or are, indisputably better than Hulk Hogan ever was.

Was Mr. Hogan fun? Sure, particularly after his heel turn in 1996, but to so brazenly, and carelessly, proclaim him the greatest of all time? Nonsense.

As for Def Jam Rapstar, eh. I guess if you’re into karaoke it can be fun.