TB Groupe's Evercut: The Ultimate Knife?

I don’t often get knife envy, because that’s a really scary kind of envy to admit you have, but if you don’t get knife envy looking at this incredible piece of hardware, there is something wrong with you. The Evercut knife is titanium carbide laser-bonded to steel, and they claim it’ll out-cut and outlast the best blades out there by a huge margin.

The ultra-hard edge material, they say, will last 300 times longer than steel and 5 times longer than ceramic. By their calculations, the average user will only have to sharpen it every 25 years.

I kind of rely on my knives being dull. I’m not the most precise chopper. And I’d probably flourish it when I used it, pretending I’m Ogami Itto. Dotanuki battle knife!

It’s an 8.7″ blade with a slightly shallow chef’s knife shape. At $225, it’s pretty expensive, but remember, this is the last knife you’ll ever have to buy. Unless they come out with a paring model.

[via NotCot]