Android Gingerbread (2.3) launching November 11th?

Though they warn to take the insight with a pinch of scrutiny, our buddies over at IntoMobile say they’ve got a trusted source pinning a date on the launch of the Android Gingerbread SDK.

The date they’re hearing: Novemember 11th. As they adeptly pointed out, this is just 3 days after Samsung’s scheduled to launch something in New York City. Put that together with the fact that Samsung’s supposedly working on a Gingerbread-powered “Nexus Two”, and things sort of start to come together.

Of course, as with the launch of all other Android updates, a November 11th launch wouldn’t mean it’s on your handset on that day — just that the SDK is out there. You won’t see it on your kit until (/unless) your respective carrier gets around to building an update… unless the hacking community does it first, which is pretty much standard these days.