Did The Election Just Kill Net Neutrality?

What are some of the tech implications of Tuesday’s mid-term election? One thing that springs to mind—Net Neutrality. Speculation has begun that the Republican-led Congress (well, House) will be far more willing to chuck Net Neutrality into the rubbish bin, leaving all of us normal folk wondering, “What happened?”

CNN rightly notes that a majority of Republicans, whatever their motivations, had come out against Net Neutrality, while the Democrats, essentially cast out of America on Tuesday, were larger in favor of Net Neutrality.

And if the FCC were keen on setting the Net Neutrality agenda (before begin told by a court, essentially, don’t try to rise above your station, it’s going to be an awful lot harder when the GOP holds the levers of power.

“The momentum for legislative change and the likelihood of changing broadband to Title II is gone,” Ron Gruia, principal consultant at Frost & Sullivan, told CNN.

Make no mistaker about it: we’re looking at two years of legislative deadlock; not much of anything is going to happen until, at the earliest, January, 2013.

Net Neutrality: we hardly knew ye.