Metaflex: Getting Closer To A Proper Invisibility Cloak (À La Harry Potter Or Solid Snake)

Scientists in Scotland have developed a material called Metaflex, and it’s said to replicate the capabilities of a “Harry Potter-style” invisibility cloak. This should not come as a shock to any of you who’ve read Dr. Michio Kaku’s most recent book, Physics of the Impossible, a book I highly recommend.

As you’ll have read in Kaku’s book, materials that bend light in order to make the wearer appear “invisible” have been in development for some time. What’s different about Metaflex is that it’s useable on non-regular surfaces. That is, the old type light-bending material doesn’t really work on curved or soft materials, making them not exactly ideal for something like clothes.

Metaflex, as the name implies, solves that problem.

I guess the dream is to run around and attack Shadow Moses guards.