Weekend Giveaway: An iPad From Fuze

Good morning, my little sausages. Today we have a wonderful giveaway from Fuze Meeting HD by Callwave, an iPad (of their choosing, probably a 32GB Wi-Fi model) to the reader with the best “strange meeting” story. First, let’s see what Fuze is about.

Fuze Meeting, is the future of ‘meetings in a pinch.’ Unlike other mobile meeting offerings, Fuze Meeting is the first web conferencing service that allows you to run a meeting from your iPad, with the ease of the tablet’s touch, pinch and point technologies. Fuze Meeting for the iPad aims to make your next online meeting as much fun as, well, playing with your iPad.

Next, let’s try to win.

What you need to do is tell us is the weirdest place you’ve ever held a meeting in a comment. Was it in a cab on the way to a KISS Army get-together, or in line to get into the famous Gaudi museum in Barcelona, or even the bathroom at Cirque de Soleil, Fuze Box wants to hear about it. My weirdest place was in a nunnery with two Victoria’s Secret models and a man in a gorilla head. Long story.

This is an international contest so comment, por favor. We’ll pick one winner on Monday at Noon Eastern. Good luck!

UPDATE – Here is the winner and runners-up.