5 new WebOS devices revealed in WebOS 2 codename bonanza?

We already know that HP are planning on squirting out a bevy of webOS devices some time in the future, but we now have some kind of unofficial confirmation that reveals a list of 5 codenames for said upcoming devices.

A keen-eyed WebOS Internals user — Destinal — has dug around the code for the recently released webOS Doctor for webOS 2.0, and came across the references in a string of code that displays “temporarily not restoring logs for newer devices.”

So, what are the codenames? Stingray, Mantaray, Broadway, Windsor, and Roadrunner (aka the Palm Pre 2).

This only confirms the existence of 4 new devices floating around Palm/HP HQ, and doesn’t even guarantee their release, let alone give us juicy details like form-factor or hardware specs.

But, now that we know the codenames, perhaps details will start leaking just that much more frequently. Well, we can always hope.

[via PreCentral]
[image courtesy of PreCentral. Note that they are mockups]