Conan O’Brien Returns To TV Tonight. Will Team Coco Follow Him?

Attention, Team Coco! I just want to remind y’all that Conan’s new show, conveniently named “Conan,” debuts tonight on TBS at 11pm.

During the big Team Coco versus Team Leno feud that tore American apart about a year ago, we pretty solidly supported Team Coco.

Then, like the rest of America, we lost interest.

But Conan’s back now.

My one hope is that the show is different. There’s a reason why Conan’s Tonight Show didn’t do too well, and then Leno’s re-launched Tonight Show similarly tanked in the ratings: TV is different in 2010 (nearly 2011) than what it was when Johnny Carson was the man.

The very idea of sitting around, waiting for 11pm, to see someone tell a few jokes about the sitting president, or about the latest pop music hack, and then interview Tom Hanks or Anne Hathaway about their latest nothing movie, well, I have better things to do with my time.

For example, I could be arguing with children about what’s better, Half-Life 2 or Call of Duty.