Hate Fire? Get You Some Sweet Extinguishers

I know fire extinguishers aren’t really on everybody’s Christmas lists, but if I saw these in a store window, you’re darn tootin I’d stop and look, buster. If you’re going to put out a fire, why not look good doing it?

These HalGuard extinguishers were originally designed for use on racing circuits, where a foam or liquid agent might gum up the engine and cause further failures. The Halotron1 substance these awesome-looking things fire out quickly evaporates, meaning it should be less harmful to electronics and sensitive materials.

Of course, if you’re shooting a fire extinguisher at your computer, chances are it’s already pretty much done for.

They come in red and chrome, as you see above; the chrome is a luxury feature and adds a little bit to the ~$130 price.

[via Uncrate]