Breakable: iPhone 4 Suffers The Most Damage From Accidents

According to a report by SquareTrade (a company that sells extended warranties), the iPhone 4 is the phone least likely to fail in the first year but is the most likely to break due to accidental damage.

The year long study looked at 50,000 warranty replacements. The iPhone 4 had the fewest malfunctions not due to accidental damage while Motorola and HTC Android phones tied for second. Blackberry phones failed 6.3% of the time in their first year of use, putting them near the bottom of the list.

More stats:

• The iPhone 3GS is least likely to fail, with BlackBerry not far behind

• Motorola, HTC, and the iPhone 4 failed slightly more often, but none are projected to exceed an overall failure rate of 16%

• The aggregated group of other smart phones had the highest incidence of failure–17% in the first year-making them 44% more likely to fail than the iPhone 3GS

As for breakage, the iPhone 4 is king of the heap with 9.4% shattering in the first year while the Blackberry devices had an accidental damage rate of 6.7%, the lowest. Clearly if they stuck an iPhone inside a Blackberry you’d have the ultimate gorilla phone. Who’s with me?