Joby Launches Their Gorillamobile Tripod for iPhone 4

Given that Joby has launched their ultra-bendy Gorillamobile Tripod line for just about every iOS device so far, there wasn’t much question as to whether or not they’d make one for the iPhone 4. It just took a bit longer than we might’ve expected.

Joby has just announced the immediate availability of their iPhone 4-friendly tripod, bringing it in at a price a biiiit higher than the older models: $39.99 (as opposed to $29.99).

Like the past models, this one is a two part thing: the tripod itself, and a case that your wrap around the phone for the tripod to latch onto. Unlike past models, however, this one doesn’t seem to hook onto the tripod via a clip on the back; to be honest, I’m not entirely sure how this one holds things in place.

As a bit of an added bonus, that $39.99 also buys you a universal camera adapter (ΒΌ-20 screw mount) for the tripod, allowing you to plonk most lighter point-and-shoots on there for all those times when the iPhone just won’t cut it.