Kinect Hacked, Open Source Drivers Now Working

It is finished. Hector Martin just posted full driver for the Kinect that can support RGB input as well as depth sensing. The audio features still don’t work.

From the readme:

9 – TONS of cleanup. I mean LOTS.
10 – Proper buildsystem (CMake probably)
11 – Determine exactly what the inits do
12 – Bayer to RGB conversion that doesn’t suck
13 – Integrate support for the servo and accelerometer (which have already been
14 reverse engineered)
16 BIG TODO: audio. The audio chip (the Marvell) requires firmware and more init
17 and does a TON of stuff including the crypto authentication to prove that it is
18 an original Kinect and not a clone. Who knows what this thing does to the
19 incoming audio. This should be interesting to look at.

Looks like the $3,000 bounty is close to a claimant.