Leaked: Sony Ericsson's X12 ("Anzu") is super-slim, possibly Gingerbread-powered

Sony Ericsson really hasn’t done the best job with Android so far. The Xperia X10 took almost half a year to come to the US after hitting Europe, and promised software updates for their Android devices have been met with delay, after delay, after delay. As this latest leak (not to mention all that Playstation Phone stuff) shows, Sony Ericsson’s not done trying their hand at this whole Android thing just yet, though.

See that guy up top? That’s purportedly the X12 (Codenamed “Anzu”), Sony Ericsson’s next addition to their Xperia line. Caught in the wild by The Unofficial Xperia X10 Blog, word is that it’s packing a big ol’ 4.3″ display and HDMI out into an ultra slim shell. How slim, you ask?

Bam! That slim.

Oh, and because nothing rounds off a good set of spy shots like some bonus rumors: according to the original source, Sony Ericsson is aiming to launch this thing with Android 2.3 (as opposed to 2.1, as pictured) sometime in the first quarter of next year. Given Sony Ericsson’s track record so far, though, we’ll, uh.. just have to wait and see about that.