Nintendo: Hollywood Showing Interest In 3DS, May Click With Consumers Before 3DTV Does

Nintendo‘s Satoru Iwata has hinted that it’s not just the usual video game companies interested in the 3DS. Hollywood, still trying to figure out how to replicate the success of Avatar everywhere else, apparently sees the 3DS as gaining traction with consumers more quickly than 3DTVs will. If Hollywood could attach itself to the 3DS, it could try to ride the coattails of Nintendo’s success.

This, of course, depends on where or not the 3DS will be a success.

Iwata told investors that the early signs are good, with developers showing far more interest in the device than they showed in the DS when it was first announced. (I seem to remember various message board threads dedicated to whether or not the DS was made of fail or not. Clearly it wasn’t.) So at the very least we can expect the 3DS to launch with a strong lineup, while I think it’s fair to say the DS didn’t really take off until the DS Lite was released.

Whether or not people feel the same way watching full-length 3D movies on the 3DS remains to be seen, but it seems like a tough sell to me.