Rumour: Moto Droid 2 receiving "profiles", USB tethering, in future software update

Android enthusiast p3world has posted some images from an upcoming software update for the Motorola Droid 2 over at the My Droid World forums that show off profiles, USB tethering, and an updated home screen.

Profiles — similar to HTC’s “Scenes”, or any profile feature in any phone from the last 15 years — allow you to select certain wallpapers, widgets etc that are appropriate to your current situation.

For example, select a quiet ringtone, minimalist background, and work-email widgets for your “Work” profile, and an Opeth ringtone, bikini background, and Mikandi (NSFW) on your desktop for your “Home” profile (you dirty dawg, you).

In addition to this feature, p3world also has screenshots of the USB tethering feature that the update will bring (p3world also notes that wireless tethering still works), as well as the tweaked home screen.

The “Profile” feature will also appear on the upcoming Droid Pro, and I’ve embedded a video of it in action, below.

You will note that the video makes no mention of the profiles being able to control ringtones/volume (also like HTC’s “Scenes”), making the feature significantly less useful than the profiles seen on your old featurephone from 1999. I guess we won’t know for sure until we see the feature in action, but don’t hold out hope.

[via Talk Android]