Rumour time: Verizon's HTC Lexicon/Merge delayed but will pack LTE, HTC Incredible HD coming early 2011

The QWERTY packin’ HTC Merge (previously known as the HTC Lexicon, pictured above) was previously rumoured to launch on November 11, but — according to Twitter user and Verizon Engineer, V3rdict — has been delayed due Verizon’s last-minute decision to equip it with an LTE radio, which will make it their first “4G” device.

He does later say that he may be wrong on the delay, though, but that LTE is a go.

But V3rdict didn’t stop there, also claiming that the Incredible HD (an EVO 4G-like spec refresh of the Droid Incredible) will be the second LTE device from Verizon, launching in early 2011.

Still not enough for ya? Well, he also claims that there will be a new Android device released each month of Q1 2011 (for a total of 4 new phones).

All up, a juicy leak from a Verizon employee. For the full(ish) skinny, you can peek the original tweets in the gallery below.