Unions Question Safety Of Full-Body Scanners & Wisdom Of Invasive Pat-Down

There’s more fallout as a result of some of the new, more aggressive security measures being taken at airports across the U.S. Yesterday there was word that the TSA had decided to ban ink toner cartridges, which is reasonably silly for a number of reasons. Now there’s word that various unions are upset with the now widespread use of full-body scanners. Le sigh.

One complaint centers around the technology in the scanners themselves. Just how thoroughly did the TSA test out these things before putting them in airports and asking little old ladies to use ‘em?

And we all know what happens if you “opt-out” of using the scanners: you’re immediately labeled a problem, then you’re pulled aside and patted down like a dog. Enjoy your stay in City 17!

It’s this new, aggressive pat-down that has some unions upset.

The Association of Flight Attendants Local 66 has advised its members, if they choose to opt-out of the full-body scan, that they should request the resulting pat-down in a private room with a witness present just in order to make sure nothing too fancy goes on.

Of course, the TSA says that there’s nothing of the sort going on, so apparently all these people are making things up.