Killing Time: How Many Of These 25 Bad Tech Habits Apply To You?

Entrepreneur has a list of 25 “bad” habits that you, the technology fan, may find yourself running up against. How many of these apply to you?

The list…

1. Avoiding Security Software
2. Failing to Back Up Your Computer
3. Neglecting Offsite Backup
4. Replying to Spam
5. Traveling With an Operating Computer
6. Using a Laptop on a Bed
7. Printing Everything
8. Taking a Camera to the Beach
9. Leaving a Laptop in the Car
10. Keeping All of Your E-Mail
11. Failing to Learn Keyboard Shortcuts
12. Installing Too Much Junk
13. Discarding Receipts
14. Waiting in Line for Tech Stuff
15. Hitting Your Computer
16. Saving Files Anywhere and Everywhere
17. Checking in With Location-Based Services
18. Citing Wikipedia
19. Posting Hilarious Pictures Online
20. Believing the Salesperson
21. Ignoring the Specs
22. Using One Password for Everything
23. Not Having a Disposable E-Mail Address
24. Failing to Lock Your Smartphone
25. Commenting Online

Let’s see here. I don’t back up my computer because I have nothing of value on here (games can be re-downloaded with Steam). If it crashes, meh, I’ll just lose the hour re-installing Windows or Mac OS X.

You’ll never find me waiting in line for anything, tech or otherwise. I don’t even like waiting two-deep at a Starbucks or whatever.

I long ago recognized that nobody cares to see you check into this or that place. You’re not Elvis; nobody needs to know you’re at Trader Joe’s.

I have about five passwords that I rotate around various places online, so take that.

Oh God, you know who’s guilty of number 19, posting hilarious photos online? John. Every day in the chat room there’s dozens of new, wacky photos for us to enjoy.

No, this isn’t the best list in the world, but it’s getting close to 5pm and every minute of your day that I can whittle away is one less minute you need to fill.