Limili Identifies That Song That's Playing, Adds It To Your Grooveshark Collection

Between Soundhound and Shazam, I wouldn’t have thought the world was really begging for another service that could identify that song playing on the radio. Sometimes, though, something comes along that solves that problem we didn’t know we had and makes the whole thing worthwhile.

You see, Soundhound and Shazam do a great job of identifying tracks.. but then what? You can buy the track on iTunes… which is great, for all the people who buy their music from iTunes. For folks who use services like Grooveshark, Spotify, or Rhapsody, though, that song they heard in the bar is gone from their noggin’ by the time the next beer hits the table.

Enter Limili.

The concept of Limili is by no means a new one: hit a button, hold it up to a speaker playing a track you want identified, wait. After a few seconds, it’ll spit out the name and artist behind the tune. That’s when Limili gets interesting.

As Limili goes about ID’ing the track, it’s also searching for that track on Grooveshark, iTunes, Last.FM, Play.Me, Rhapsody, Spotify, We7, and Youtube. Once a song has been ID’ed, you’re given the option to add that track to your collection on any of these aforementioned services, be it that you’ve supplied the relative login credentials. Logged into Grooveshark? ID the song, hop to the Grooveshark tab, pick the version you want from the search results, and bam — it’s waiting for you in a playlist the next time you log in.

So, the obvious worry: how is it at IDing tracks? So far, so good. Powered by the Mufin database, they’re not exactly starting from scratch here. I threw around 20 songs at both Limili and Shazam, and they both nailed (and missed) all the same ones. It was good enough to properly identify the first 10 seconds of both the original version and the Glee version of Vanilla Ice’s “Ice Ice Baby” — pretty impressive, given that they’re pretty much identical.

Limili is currently only available for iOS, and will set you back $1.99 [iTunes Link]. That price currently nets you 100 song IDs per month, though the company has announced that all per-month limitations will be removed in the next update.