Robo-Deer Draws Fire From Poachers
How about this for a cool use of robots? Deer and other wildlife in rural areas are under constant threat from illegal hunting, but aside from constant patrols, there’s little rangers can do to prevent it. And then came Robo-deer.

Robo-deer (featured on tonight’s Operation Wild on Planet Green) is, as you might expect from the name, a robotic, remote control deer (with real deer exterior) that rangers stand by the side of the road to tempt any unscrupulous motorists who might pass by. Sounds almost too simple to be real, and a little like entrapment, but hey, I’m for nabbing anyone who’d shoot a deer by the side of the road by any means necessary.

The ranger in the video notes he’s made seven arrests this season, which actually sounds like a fair amount given that there really can only be so many hunters in their area.

Reminds me (like these scary bears) of the terminex-infested wildlife from this comic series. Imagine how scared you’d be if you decided to surreptitiously bag a deer and when you fire, you just hear a metallic “ping!” and the deer turns its head towards you. I’d run — deer are dangerous enough, but deerborgs?

[via Treehugger]